When I went on the search to find a great Phoenix wedding makeup artist¬†for my wedding in November, I really did find the best! Lenea not only impressed me right away with a flawless make-up trial but she was very warm and welcoming the entire time! When it came time for the big day she was not only on site at one location but two! She met us early in the morning at a hotel and then followed us to the salon to finish up make-up for us girls. Everyone was really happy with how their make-up turned out- so much so that some of the women that had opted to do their own make-up were wishing that they hadn’t! As the bride I was thrilled with how Lenea did! I don’t typically where a lot of make-up so when it came time Lenea made me feel very comfortable and gave me exactly what I wanted! I would absolutely recommend Lenea to anyone who was looking to have their make-up done for a special occasion and wanted to look flawless!