So here is my confession… I was not going to use Phoenix makeup artist, Lenea, for my makeup! The crazy side of me said “NO! Don’t spend the money, just do your own makeup and it will all be fine.” But thankfully my brain remembered that I’m not that great at doing my own makeup and that I really wanted to look different than I do every day for this photo shoot. So, I did it, I committed to hiring Lenea for a fun, secretive photo shoot. It was the best decision I could have made. The R2 studio girls said she was good, but I really had no idea! I wish I would have known Lenea before I got married because I loved my makeup so much more than my wedding day makeup and so much more than any makeup I’ve ever had! First off – And I know this will seem silly – but I love a good brow, and if I had the money to pay her to come do my eyebrows every day, I would. They just looked so amazing and I have no idea what kind of magic she used to do it, they were just that good. Second, I have an incredibly oily complexion and every time I’ve had my makeup done, oil and sweat seep through within minutes. I had the makeup on for hours and did not look like a shiny, greasy mess. My eye makeup was to die for too – it was edgy and dark, but soft and beautiful all at once! I mean, I just think that if you’re thinking about hiring Lenea – you should just go for it. It is totally worth it and she is super fun. Just hire her already!