Lenea Sadler is amazing!  Take it from a girl who has been a bridesmaid 8 times – I have had my makeup done well and makeup done horribly.  Lenea is an extremely talented artist who makes all her clients feel comfortable and at ease through the entire process.  I recently had my makeup trial with her for my own wedding.  I have never received so many compliments in my life!  I have chosen her to do my makeup as well as 11 other bridal party members.  I know they are all going to be as thrilled as I am with their looks!  I should also mention she has inspired and coached me to pursue a new look for myself for the wedding- which I’m totally in love with!   I’m so looking forward to my big day knowing that she has the skill and confidence to make me feel beautiful.  I would recommend her 100% for any formal event or wedding!  Thanks Again Lenea!