Lash Lift & Tint

A lash lift is a semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes, much like a perm. By bending your natural lashes over a curved silicone shield and applying a perming solution, the shape of your natural lashes is set into an upward and realistic curl and then tinted dark black. The end result will leave you with beautifully curled and defined lashes for about six to eight weeks. Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours after a lash lift.

$85 – 60min

Lash Extensions

Classic Lashes

Classic eyelash extensions are – as their namesake – classic. They are simple, beautiful, natural-looking lash extensions. They are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one extension on one natural lash. This allows you to achieve an understated, natural enhancement.

New Client Full Set $150 – 120min

Existing Client Full Set $100 – 120min

Existing Client Fills:

2 week: $70 – 90-120min

3 week: $85 – 90-120min


Volume Lashes

Volume eyelash extensions are where two or more individual extensions are attached to each natural lash. They are first formed into fans, which is where the desired number of lashes are fanned out and as a “bouquet”, and applied onto one natural lash with adhesive.

New Client Full Set $175 – 120-180min

Existing Client Full Set $135 – 120-180min

Existing Client Fills:

1 week: $70 – 90min

2 week: $85 – 90-120min

3 week: $100 – 120min


Preparation for Lash Appointments

Please do not wear any eye makeup to your appointment. Lashes should be clean and ready for application. Please do not drink heavy amounts of caffeine prior to appointment as it makes lashes flutter.

You will not be able to get your lashes wet for 24 hours after application to ensure the glue is fully cured. If lashes get wet, it may cause premature lash loss and eye irritation.

Lash Aftercare

Aftercare is essential for healthy eyelash extensions. With proper care, you can prolong the life of your lashes, maintain proper hygiene, and keep your beautiful lashes healthy.

Clean lashes daily

Use oil-free makeup and skin care products

Seal and protect lashes

Comb and groom lashes daily

Follow advice of your lash artist

Wash eyes or shower within 24-hours of application

Directly apply heat to eyelashes

Rub or pull eyelashes

Use eyelash curlers on your extensions

Remove extensions yourself

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